Dear Future Resident:

 Thank you for choosing the Courtyards at San Jose to accommodate your rental needs. We hope that we can assist you in settling into your new apartment with as little inconvenience as imaginable.

We understand the problems that can emerge in any move and have attempted to anticipate your needs for a smooth transition into your apartment. Please read the attached Resident Information Letter, which explains the lease agreement and other policies more fully. It will also answer many questions that, from experience, we have found are frequently asked. If you consider purchasing a home during the term of your lease, we can help you buy any new or pre-owned home in Jacksonville and Surrounding Counties through our real estate partner Kellum Corporation.  We need and appreciate your business, and our staff will do their utmost to resolve problems to your satisfaction. Our goal is always to provide you with expedient and gracious service. 

We wish you an enjoyable stay and look forward to a mutually gratifying relationship. 

-Courtyards at San Jose Staff